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  Rod's Background    

Hi, I'm Rod Wright, owner of Brick Road Counseling, LLC. I am licensed in the State of Maryland (LC8732), and am Board Certified by NBCC (National Board of Certified Counselors - 741744).

I believe that people are on their own journey and that one person's journey is not necessarily the right one for another person. My job as a counselor isn't to tell you which road to take; it's to help people remove the roadblocks from their journey so they can have the best possible life that's right for them.

  In order for counseling to be successful, the counselor and the client need to have a good connection to each other, and I strive to begin forming that connection from the very first meeting.

I particularly enjoy working with the LGBTQ / GLBTQ (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning) community. You don't need to explain the nuances of this community; I've lived it! I enjoy working with teens and adults to overcome the challenges they are facing in this area of life.

I work with:

  • All sexes
  • All genders
  • All sexual orientations

I am well versed in He vs. She vs. They. Just tell me which personal pronouns your prefer, along with your preferred name.

Generally, I work with adults (18+) and seniors (65+). However, I'm also available for teens (13+) who are experiencing sexuality and gender issues, or are involved in family counseling.



I specialize in:

  • Couples Counseling

  • Divorce

  • Men's Challenges

  • Transgender Issues



I also work with:

  • Addiction

  • Alcohol Abuse

  • Anger Management

  • Anxiety

  • Bisexual Issues

  • Career Counseling

  • Coping Skills

  • Couples Counseling

  • Depression

  • Divorce

  • Drug Abuse

  • Family Conflicts

  • Gay Issues

  • Gender Issues

  • Grief

  • Heterosexual Issues

  • HIV

  • Infidelity

  • Internet Addiction

  • Lesbian Issues

  • Life Transitions

  • Men's Challenges

  • Peer Relationships

  • Screen Addictions

  • Self Esteem

  • Sexuality

  • Spirituality

  • Stress

  • Transgender Issues

  • Video Game Addiction


  Family Members:

Often family members who have a loved one who's experiencing challenges are happy when their loved one finds the help they need. Often, the family members don't realize how much they've been affected by their love one's challenges, and may need counseling themselves. Let's talk!

  Contact Information  


3355 Saint Johns Lane Suite F
Ellicott City, Maryland 20142-2600

(second floor, in the back.)



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